These have been sent to me from present & past clients, all who have had a positive experience of therapy in a woodland setting. P1130376

Anita Wagar

I found Mark and Woodland Therapy whilst searching for a counsellor in Ashford. From the moment we met I felt confident in him and was able to talk about difficulties that were consuming me.

Having previously been prescribed anti-depressants I wanted a more permanent solution. Although the tablets helped at the time they treated the symptoms and not the underlying causes. Counselling has definitely been the best medicine for me!

I have now seen Mark for 6 sessions and feel so much more in control of my life. He has enabled me to share fears that I didn’t even realise were holding me back.

I love our walks in the woods, sitting in both rain and sun, discussing issues. He has encouraged me and enabled me to follow my own convictions. He has helped my clarity of thought. He is non-judgemental, it’s not about blame.

My life has become less problem orientated. I cannot thank Mark enough for his continued support over the short time we have had.


After 14 years with an excellent Psychiatrist I was left devastated when he left. For the following 4 years I was left devastated by the lack of care I was given by the Mental Health Service. I was Suicidal lost and very alone and had no where to turn.

In desperation I looked on the Web and found Mark Wood at Woodland Therapy, I telephoned him and he said he was going on holiday but what made me feel better was he still said if you need talk telephone. He made an appointment for me to see him the following week, I started to panic as I had found a man on the Web for Woodland walks and thought this could be dangerous. I did checks with BACP the organisation he is registered with and they confirmed his status. I also spoke to a friend who confirmed  they had been at school With Mark and what a lovely Person he is.

I haven’t looked back, I was in a very bad place very mistrusting and angry with the world. Mark suggested I drew a line on the past . Because of the hurt I had been through with the Service I found this very difficult. Mark was very patient with me in his quiet kind way he let me calm down with support. He also came to the Doctors and a meeting that was outstanding with me. It has only been a few weeks but I feel like a new person, the trust in Mark has come and the beautiful woodland walks are so calming.

In just three weeks we have seen deer and beautiful greater spotted woodpeckers feeding their babies. We sit in the woods in Marks little camp on seats made from logs and trees with the beautiful trees around us.  We have just talked . I don’t need medication I need to talk and Mark lets me do that. And I am smiling again I cant remember the last time I did that. I know with time and Marks counselling I will go forward in a much more positive way and I hope our time in the woods will enable us to find more beautiful wildlife which is a really beautiful way to find peace. I cannot recommend this type of counselling highly enough it is so pure and Mark is so caring and kind you couldn’t ask for more


I first met Mark in 2012 when I sought counselling following the death of my mother. This was provided through my employer. Three years later a series of events occurred which I found very difficult to cope with. However at this time my employer had changed the assistance offered to telephone counselling through a central provider, these calls being a maximum 30 minutes long and never with the same therapist. Whilst these sessions were useful in the short term, I felt they were like applying a sticking plaster to a gaping wound. I contacted Mark; he explained that the service he offered now had changed but he was happy to see me under my terms. Initially I saw him in a traditional counselling setting. When I felt ready we arranged to meet at March Wood. I honestly didn’t know what to expect but woodland therapy is such a refreshing approach. I always felt 100% safe in the location. Mark’s style of counselling is kind whilst still providing excellent support. Going through counselling is never easy, especially at first. To go back to my earlier analogy a wound must gently investigated and cleaned before it can begin to heal. If anyone had told me that I would be one day sitting on a log in the middle of a wood sobbing I don’t think that I would have believed them. But over time in that same wood Mark helped me to discover that I am a confident woman who found that it was actually ok, if not good, to like myself, a woman who could (and did) jump across a ditch and feel very proud of doing so. Mark also gave me practical advice and together we devised a diary for me to complete when I felt I needed to, recording situations which could trigger anxiety and depression. This was extremely useful to look back on and identify patterns in my behaviour. Mark also suggested writing an affirmation, which we did together, and this is a very helpful and positive tool.

My family benefited from the help Mark gave me. I could now genuinely open up to them about my feelings and together we became a much stronger unit. This led to us making the huge decision to move across the country to live the simple lives we had always dreamed of. Mark still provides telephone counselling which I find extremely valuable and although I miss March Wood, my experience of woodland therapy has encouraged me to seek out peaceful walks in my new home town to continue looking after my mental health.

I don’t hesitate to recommend Mark’s services to anyone; they will find they have someone who will listen, with compassion and without judgement, who only has their best interests at heart.




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