Mindfulness & Meditation

Excellent news.
I will be starting another six week introduction to mindfulness & meditation workshop, this will be starting on the 7th March between 1pm and 230pm.
Please spread the word, I have up to 8 places available.
I came away learning new skills, both practical in a physical sense and a thoughtful sense. There was the right balance of being up and experiencing the forest and sitting down and discussing thoughts and practising meditation.
forest bathing worhsop flyer updated 9.2.18




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Therapy isn’t about me giving you all the answers, it is about me helping you to find your inner wisdom. So that you can use your own knowledge to take control of the direction you are taking in your life.

Do you find yourself waking up on a Monday morning wishing it was the weekend already?

Do you find yourself worrying about things that have happened in your past, whether this is yesterday or 30 years ago?

The problem with this is it disconnects us from our internal ability to be happy, happiness is now, where you are, what you are seeing, feeling and sensing in this very moment. We ignore our internal beauty because of our programming, but through being mindful and meditating we are able to tap into our inner happiness and peace.

Mindfulness and meditation is the ability to connect, to yourself and what is around you. To allow yourself time away from the expectations of the world, time for your thoughts not to be distracted by the past or the future. It is learning to experience and awaken yourself to the potential of noticing the moment.

If you want to discover how to befriend your body, mind and emotions then I can help. This is by using an integrative approach to my counselling sessions, that include one to one counselling, mindfulness and kindfulness.




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