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Something Different

The ethos of Woodland Therapy is to provide an affordable counselling service which is set in a natural environment that promotes mental and physical well-being alongside each other. Allowing the local community to gain access to a professional service, that is designed to give everyone the same opportunity.

I have the use of a 100 acre woodland on the outskirts of Ashford, Kent, where I am able to combine individually designed therapy programmes with the client’s aims and goals for therapy. I believe that taking away the four walls of a therapeutic office also takes down certain boundaries between client and therapist, therefore allowing a more open and honest relationship to be built.

Too many times I have sat opposite a client and watched them feel intimidated by the environment, and spend an hour fidgeting in a chair that is not designed to be sat in for that long. It has been a goal of mine to find a way of taking therapy outside of the usual constraints of an office, with the hope of finding a way of helping people with their mental and physical wellbeing. I believe it is very hard to get your mental health on track, if physically you are struggling.

Being exposed to nature automatically releases chemicals in us that improve our mental wellbeing, and help our resistance to stressful situations. If you add to that a holistic approach to counselling, you end up with a situation that can benefit each individuals mental and physical wellbeing. Please see the research part of the website, which will give you even more in depth proof of the benefits.


  • Reduce stress levels
  • Reduce depression
  • Raise self esteem
  • Help learn new skills and boost confidence
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Connect back with nature
  • Learn to be comfortable with silence
  • Learn to be comfortable with your own thoughts


The benefits work on people of all ages, from young children to people who have retired. So maybe it is time you started looking outside of the box, and gave yourself the opportunity to get professional, experienced support with moving your life forward.


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